Download Basic Language Tutorial Program Freeware

Basic language for text processing  v.1.0

Basil-text is a programming language that facilitates the elaboration of the texts. The basic data structures are text, annotation, token and string. In this way basil-text provides you a tool for easy text processing.

PIC 18F C language Tutorial  v.1.0

A set of easy to use C language tutorials for the PIC 18F processors. The primary target audiance is 12-18 year old students with no programming experiance.

Lojban Immerser  v.1.0

An immersive language-tutorial program intended for Lojban, allowing plugins.

Ketman 8086 Tutorial  v.1.6

An assembly-language tutorial is not the same thing as an assembler tutorial - or not usually. Still less usually would it be an interpreter tutorial. But in this case thats what it will turn out to be. Because in my view there is nothing worse than

ThinBasic programming language  v.

thinBasic is a Basic Programming Language Interpreter. Fast, reliable, well documented, features rich, easy to use and to master Basic Language. No compilation, no intermediate code, just plain text script files analyzed and executed on the fly.

Example HIPAA EDI Validation program  v.1.0

This program is an example Visual Basic ASP .NET program that uses FREDI-NET component to validate HIPAA EDI files (with no addenda). Simply paste your HIPAA EDI file into the text box, and then click on the "Validate"

Language Coach  v.1.10

Language Coach expression drill and tutor software is a language teaching program for Windows. Within minutes, Language Coach lets you design lessons for your students to help them practise what they have been learning in class. The students can then

Select Language  v.v2.00.529

Simple language support program for Blaiz' multilingual capable programs English -> Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. Run SL, click language, then run chosen program.(All Blaiz' programs are multilingual capable except

WinGuard Basic  v.3d

WinGuard Basic can lock program windows, such as, Control Panel, File Manager, Run, etc - you can even add your own in the Pro version! These windows can only be accessed with the correct password. Other features WinGuard Basic offers include;

Programming language A  v.1.0

Basic language between high level assembler und small C. The Compiler outputs x86 assembler code. No use of extern library an nearly independent from the operating system. The compiler is only some KByte in

RRDtool tutorial  v.1.2.1

Very basic RRDtool tutorial. It is an example in that way. It can save you a couple of days of discovering on your own. In any case you have to read the manual _before_ that

Free full featured modern BASIC with Qt  v.1.0

QtBASIC = Free full featured modern BASIC language for LinuxIts main goal is to develop Qt applications with well known BASIC syntax in a modern fashion. It comes with Java-like object orientation and backward support for VB6 (100% syntax compatible)!

Universal Language Quiz  v.1.0

A Project to make an open source language quiz program to assist users in learning foreign languages.

Game BASIC  v.1.0

A cross-platform BASIC language system to go with video games and RPGs. Comes with a Virtual Machine, so object code is multi-platform compatible

FileDrag  v.3

When you drag an unknown file type file to this program it shows to what program this file could belong. Like you drag file "prog.vbp" and program shows that its a "Visual Basic Project". This program knows 3397 file

SafeCrypt  v.1.0

SafeCrypt 1.0 brings you the convenience of a useful basic text encryption program which allows you to use Caesar's algorithm to encrypt text.Requirements: Microsoft .NET

SMDI  v.1.0

SMDI is a basic Samples transfer program, for SMDI-compatibles Synth and Samplers SMDI is able to exchange samples between your Mac and your SCSI equiped Sampler. The file format for saved samples is based on file name extension. So, add ".wav"

Projects manager  v.1.0.6

Program for accounting projects, tasks, cliens and actions of executors. There is three basic lists in program: project list, client list and list of executors. There is possibility adding subtasks for tasks (with numbers 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1,

Basic4pic  v.rc

The purpose of the Basic4Pic project is the development of a BASIC language compiler for PIC

BTutor  v.0.1.1

This computer tutorial program shows and explains structure of atoms and describes how bonds between atoms occur, as well as provides capabilities to access information about chemical elements such as atomic weight via an interactive periodic

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